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「If Allen says so…」

Then we passed by him and walked towards the receptionist.

Then the other magic swordsmen who had been watching the whole scene unfold, began to laugh all at once.

「Kukuku… Oi Oi, Dread! You were not even considered as an opponent!」

「Gyahahahaha, so uncool! You were made a fool of by those damn brats!」

「So pathetic, Oi! You should just quit being a magic swordsman!」

The magic swordsman who received mockery from the group – Dread-san, was shaking in anger.

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Seriously… These people do such unnecessary things.

「Oi, bastard…!」

His pride was hurt – without hesitation, he pulled out the sword fastened at his hips.

「Don’t think you’ll get away easy after making a fool out of me…!」

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He swung his sword two to three times, and thrust it out at me – perhaps to intimidate.

(…Well, I can’t overlook it this time)

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I looked him in the eye firmly and told him.

「The sword is not a tool for threatening. Are you… really sure about this?」

I confirmed with him.

I firmly confirmed the meaning of the act of a swordsman pulling out the sword.