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She's doing her best to appear calm but it's obvious she's just bluffing.

"Unfounded rumors? Everyone here knows about it though? That before your high school days, you used to be the victim of bullying".


Even if she tries to hide it, a change in her behavior will occur when presented with the truth.

"It was a stroke of misfortune that Manabe and her group found out about it. If you want to blame someone, then blame yourself for failing to conduct yourself properly".

"...what are you after? Are you saying you stand to gain something from threatening me?".

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"What will you do if I told you I was just killing time?".

Even though I have leverage over her, Karuizawa's already lost any leverage she had.

"If you do anything to me.....I'll immediately report it to the school".

"Come now, you came here alone because that's not an option, right? Without asking anyone for help".

"...Ryuuen, is it really okay to act that arrogant? She may actually have a trick up her sleeve".

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Ibuki seems to suspect something's going on behind the scenes after she showed up here alone.

"Karuizawa can't do anything but rely on X. No need to be that cautious. Even if she records her conversation with me or films it, she can't use it as her trump card. Because more than anything, she fears getting her past revealed. As long as we hold onto that, she cannot resist us at all".

"That's enough, just keep quiet".

I already know what Ibuki's trying to say. Manabe and her group were threatened with evidence of their bullying of Karuizawa. They were forced to cease their bullying and give their word that they won't speak a word of it to anyone else. Then they were used. As though forced to strangle themselves, they were manipulated into leaking information on Class C. In other words, Ibuki's afraid that we may be threatened with evidence ourselves.