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What’s more, as many people had analyzed, the new platform could not very well determine the true weight of players, and the newly directed players were players who were greedy for immediate benefits. These two points further fueled this phenomenon.

That was why things had developed to this stage.

Soon, the group leader spoke.

“Everyone, calm down. We’ve already noticed this problem.”

“The platform had an emergency discussion and decided to make some modifications to the agreement. After the game is taken off the shelves, they can modify it and apply to be put up again. However, there is a time limit.”

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“After being taken off the shelves the first time, they would have to apply a month later; after the second time was taken off the shelves, they would only apply two months later, and so on.”

“The old gamers who had been evaluated previously would not participate in the game that was released after it was taken off the shelves. The original evaluation would only be used as a record and would not affect the data for the trial period when it was released again.”

“If the game still does not pass the probation period, then continue to take it off the shelves according to the previous rules. The next application will be extended to two months later.”

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“If the game passes the probation period, old gamers can use the difference in price to obtain the latest version of the game.”

Yan Qi carefully analyzed this new rule and found that there was a part of a loophole.

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At the very least, the game would not be sentenced to death. Instead, it could be made to appeal.

It was equivalent to going from instant death to unlimited revival.

Some games that had too many bugs and incomplete game content could be released after being modified. Those games that had been maliciously removed by players could not be evaluated by previous players the next time they were released. Instead, they would be changed to a new batch of players. That would be fairer.

However, the problem was… this method seemed to treat the symptoms but not the main problem!

Indeed, someone in the group quickly raised objections.

“That won’t do. The most profitable time for a mobile game is one or two months ago. In the end, it would take a month for it to be released after it was maliciously taken off the shelves. Wouldn’t that be a delay? That’s too long!”

“That’s right. What’s more, changing a group of gamers might not be able to solve the problem. What if most of the gamers on the entire platform want to use this method to freeload the game? Wouldn’t most of the games be taken off the shelves? Then, the platform would not be able to open!”

“Don’t blame me for being straightforward. In my opinion, this measure is too foreign. Obviously, someone who doesn’t understand games thought of it.”

“That’s right. This measure won’t work at all. We might as well get rid of it! It’ll be fine as long as we don’t provide recommendation resources for games with low ratings. There’s no need to take them off the shelves! It’s a loss to the platform as well!”