Yinyang Normal University online selling skin how to make money

Yinyang Normal University online selling skin how to make money

Pei Qian wondered what kind of outer appearance Min Jingchao intended to give this new hero. He scrolled to the main text of the post and read it carefully.

After reading the hero’s name, background story, and skills description and after seeing the concept art sketches, Pei Qian fell silent. He looked at his cell phone screen for a long time without saying a single word.

This was really messed up! For no reason, Yasuo had been linked to Ruan Guangjian again!

What’s more, Ruan Guangjian had obviously done it for selfish gain. Otherwise, why would he have made the Literary Genius of the Winds, Ruan look so handsome and the Coin-Scattering Hedgehog Modest look like a character out of a comedy?!

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The most sadistic thing was that both heroes had appeared in the concept art sketches for the Literary Genius of the Winds. The contrast was made even more obvious!

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Pei Qian could even imagine the narcissistic look on Ruan Guangjian’s face as he made the sketches.

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On top of all that, what was up with Ruan being a good friend of Modest?!

Who’s your good friend? Stop trying to get close to me!

Pei Qian was at a loss for words. How could Ruan Guangjian constantly cause mental harm to Boss Pei without even trying? What’s more, for some reason, he could completely dodge Boss Pei’s attempts at revenge. Could he be Boss Pei’s legendary natural enemy? Pei Qian was furious, but the officials had already accepted his idea. Moreover, he was already entitled to a five-percent share of profits from the sale of all of Ruan’s skins. Now, it no longer mattered whether the hero was Yasuo or a certain artist.

When Pei Qian exited from the post, he discovered that he had received a private message on his account. The topic was ‘Thank you very much, Boss Pei!’

Pei Qian: “?”

It seemed to be from Min Jingchao’s account.

He quickly opened the private message and read it.

“Boss Pei, I appreciate your earnest care and hard work. Don’t worry, Big Boss Ruan and I will keep this hero a secret for you. I’ll deal with this in the same way as I would if you were an ordinary gamer.

“I know that, to you, a five-percent share of the profits would mean nothing. You probably are more concerned about whether GOG would emerge victorious over IOI or not in the long-term and about your friendship with Big Boss Ruan…”

At that point, Pei Qian’s heart thudded.

Holy sh*t, what does this mean? Are you not giving me the five percent share of the profits?!