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Even among Class A, Katsuragi ranked high in terms of overall excellence.

I felt it would be a pity to lose him, but it seemed that Sakayanagi felt differently.

“Among my friends, many already hate him. They simply can’t agree with his conservative way of thinking. With that being the case, I can raise morale by showing him the door instead.”

She appeared to be making a trade-off between losing out on combat power and boosting the morale of the class as a whole.

“Is it alright for you to be telling me this? About who you’re targeting?”

“It’s not like you’re going to do anything behind the scenes to protect him right, Ayanokōji-kun?”

It didn’t seem like I’d get any results that would make it worth the effort.

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“What are you planning to do with Class C?”

“Who knows. I won’t be taking part in it. I intend to leave all the decision-making to my classmates.”

“When it comes down to it… it’s as simple as removing one of the annoying ones, or even one of the incompetent ones.”

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Sakayanagi seemed to be enjoying herself as she thought about it.

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“There’s no need to think about what Class D intends to do. They’re clearly going to rid themselves of Ryūen-kun.”

I didn’t have any objections for her.

For Class A, there were no particular advantages to lending Ryūen a hand.

Class A most likely wanted to see him expelled, even if it meant giving up a chance to get rid of the binding contract he had made with Katsuragi.

“Though, I have no idea what Class B will do. For this entire exam, I’m looking forward to seeing who gets expelled from that intimate class the most. Though, perhaps Ichinose-san has come up with something interesting?”

“Sorry. It’s about time I go.”

She was free to have as many delusions as she pleased. It’s just that I would much rather she do it on her own.