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「Yes coming, welcome! Let me see, customer-sama. The men’s yukata are over here, so please follow me.」

Then I followed the male clerk and moved to the back of the store.

「Please choose your favourite yukata from one of these.」

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Yukata for men were lined up in a row in front of me.

As expected, there weren’t as many as for women, but there was enough to worry about choosing.

I looked through it and,

「Let’s see… Then, I’ll go with this.」

In order not to stand out too much, I chose a slightly simple yukata with a lot of black background.

「This one, yes? Then, please come this way. Let me help you put it on.」

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「Yes, please.」

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Then I was guided to the men’s changing room.

The man’s dressing was quick, as he put the black yukata on me and wrapped a white sash around it. It only took about a minute.

「Oh, it suits you very well!」

When I looked in the mirror, there was my figure dressed in a yukata, and I felt somewhat embarrassed.

「Thank you…」

Then I left the changing room and waited for Ria and Rose to finish.

10minutes later.