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I-It’s hard to explain. After all…

“I’m considering the possibility of Amano falling for Konoha…how can I say this.”

In reality, Hoshinomori certainly felt in love when she knew that Amano is Yama-san and Tsucchi…I mean, I’m not 100%!s(MISSING)ure, but at least she looked like she has a similar feeling.

Then, if Amano’s the male counterpart of Hoshinomori…I thought that he’ll more or less be moved if the girl that he’s chatting on the internet with is cute…

“Um, think about it, Hoshinomori brags about her sister from time to time. I wanted to know what’s actually going on.”

Amano answered my question reluctantly after I gave him a far-fetched reason.

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“Ay…in terms of appearance, you’re right. I think Konoha-san is an adorable girl, so cute to the point that it’s not exaggerating to use the term beauty.”

“…Then, are you falling for the girl?”

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Amano tilted his head explicitly. He even gave me an “Are you an idiot?” vibe. A sincere reaction. Good, I’m going to punch someone later.

“Did you even listen to me? Konoha-san and I just chatted for a little bit.”