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Then I noticed that Sakura was at her seat.

She was sitting down, waiting for the time to pass idly.

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I wonder what kind of student Sakura is.

In the three months I’ve been at this school, I’ve heard nothing about her other than her last name.

It’s probably not just me, but the whole class as well.

Hirata and Kushida are active and outspoken. Horikita doesn’t feel the pain of solitude.

Then what about Sakura? Does she like being alone like Horikita? Or is she suffering because she doesn’t know how to talk to people like me? That’s the question Kushida will answer soon.

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After homeroom ended, Kushida got up from her seat and walked over to Sakura, who was quietly preparing to go back home. Kushida seemed strangely nervous.

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Ike, Yamauchi, and Sudou noticed and looked towards Kushida.



The girl with the glasses and the hunched back looked up listlessly.

It looked like she didn’t expect someone to call out to her, since she was panicking.

“Do you have time, Sakura-san? I want to ask you something about Sudou-kun’s case…”

“S-Sorry, I… have plans, so…”

She averted her eyes; it was obvious that she was feeling uncomfortable. Talking to other people does not seem to be her strong point. Or rather, it felt like she didn’t like talking to other people.