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“Therefore, my suggestion is to shoot some large, cool settings with inexplicable meaning as advertisements!

“Repeatedly play these advertisements so that the audiences would keep watching yet feel at a loss, totally not able to understand them. That would then be in line with the development trend of future advertising.

“As for the brands in the advertisement… make them completely fictional. “The advertisements must be of high standards and quality, understood?”

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The advertisements had to be shot, but Pei Qian would not say exactly how they would look. He could only point out a possibly wrong direction and watch Zhu Xiaoce’s performance.

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Zhu Xiaoce fell silent for a long while before replying. “Boss Pei, this is a very difficult task… but… I have confidence!”

December 15th, Wednesday morning…

Wu Bin came to Shenhua View with excitement and anxiety. He learned the results on Monday. He passed the interview! He simply cheered at that moment.

He had never been so happy since he entered the working scene.

According to Tengda’s arrangements, new employees could join at any time after they passed. Tengda would not force them to join by which date so there was no need to worry about handover at all.

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They could start officially whenever their formalities were completed.

Wu Bin returned to Hengtu Games to break the news to his boss that he would like to resign. He was naturally retained.

There were good reasons for the retention.