Can I write a script to make money online?

Can I write a script to make money online?

Lin Chang’s message was much simpler compared to Lin Wan’s. “Boss Pei, loose change!”

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Beep! 18,888 yuan.

Pei Qian’s mouth nearly couldn’t close from laughing. What was brotherhood? What was a friend?

Boss Lin was amazing!

Pei Qian did not feel like letting Lin Wan go that instant. Would Lin Wan give such red packets during festivals if she were to return?

However, his thoughts changed. No, Lin Chang sent him more.

Pei Qian received all the red packets in no time and replied.

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To Lin Wan: “Happy New Year! You’ve worked too hard last year. You have to rest more next year; don’t be so tired! I’m giving you another 10 days of paid leave; you’ve to use them all!”

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To Lin Chang: “Lin Chang, don’t worry. I’ll arrange for that to happen after New Year!”

Send red packets back?

Impossible? Red packets were heartfelt feelings. ‘You send me, and I send you’ back was something aunties of the older generation would do. Was it something the younger generation did?

Moreover, Boss Pei had been giving all sorts of benefits and bonuses to them. Getting a few hundred or thousand in a red packet now wasn’t something unreasonable, right?