What is the online brush?

What is the online brush?

Wang Xiaobin explained the current situation of the domestic game steering wheel in detail. Everyone nodded as they listened.

These three different steering wheels gave players completely different gaming experiences. There was definitely a reason why they were expensive.

There were only two reasons for buying the steering wheel. One was to improve the immersion and immersion of the game, and the other was to improve the accuracy of the operation.

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The simulated steering wheel had a rich vibration mode. The effect of the vibration would be different when cars passed by different roads. Players could clearly tell that their cars were passing through the gravel road or the mud road.

What’s more, the steering wheel could be slightly adjusted from the angle of the wheels. Coupled with the feet and the joystick, it could achieve advanced techniques such as bouncy top-up drift, lowering the speed and finger movements.

More importantly, the power feedback from the steering wheel could tell players the current state of the car’s wheels.

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Players could judge the state of the car’s grip by the strength of the steering wheel’s recoil. They would be able to discover the tire slipping immediately. This was very important for drifting over the turns and driving on special roads.

Thus, many professional racing drivers would also use simulators to train. That was because outstanding steering wheels could indeed restore the driving feeling of a real car.

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Simply put, ordinary gamers had to work hard to give back since they had decided to buy a steering wheel. They could not touch plastic toys below a thousand yuan. They might as well buy a good controller with that money.

Some people even said that it would be best not to experience it before you could buy the driver.

That was because after experiencing the direct steering, returning to the ordinary steering wheel, controller, and keyboard might make you feel disappointed. You might even completely lose interest in racing games.

Of course, the steering wheel did not improve your skills. When you first switched to the steering wheel, you might drive worse than a keyboard or a controller. However, as long as you were used to the operation of the steering wheel, most people would not use the keyboard or the controller to play racing games.

Chang You nodded. “According to Boss Pei’s usual style, he must do his best if he wants to make a product.”

“In that case, the steering wheel that we are making must be a direct plan for the servo motor.”

“What’s more, the market for direct steering is in a state of polarization. Foreign brands easily sell for more than ten thousand yuan. Players’ own DIY might be cheap, but the threshold is too high and it would cost time and effort.”

“There’s a huge market gap here.”

“If we can develop an outstanding driving model and control the price of all the parts at a price-quality ratio, it would still be very competitive!”