Is it true if I brush it online?

Is it true if I brush it online?

In the world, there is a way of playing a game by using Tool Assist and getting the “highest possible score” in a game. Her playstyle was just like that.

She easily approached the limits of the system, without making a mistake.


This ability is certainly the strongest ability.

Machina handily won the first three games of the finals, which was a first to 4 series. The crowd was silent because of the one-sided game.

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When I was crushed with hopelessness… several voices of encouragement rang out from the crowd, breaking the silence.

Looking out towards the crowd in surprise, I saw the Gamers Club members who had taught me how to play games, my precious younger sister Riki, and… all the opponents that I had played to get here.

With the willpower to “not give up”, I used all of my ability and started playing without thinking of the consequences.

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Desperately stealing Machina’s playstyle, I was able to pull off a draw by getting the highest possible score.

“You’re only exhausting yourself in vain, Ex…”

Not minding Machina, who was looking at me in pity, I continued to desperately keep up.

The series continued, and reached about 20 draws.


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Finally Machina made a slight… a very slight mistake, and in that gap, I finally took a game.

The crowd erupted in cheers. Like that, I took two, three games off her, but Machina regained her composure, and the draws started to pile up again.