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“Um, are you feeling unwell?”

“Ohh~ this? Don’t worry about it; it’s a disease specific to adults.”

A disease specific to adults? I wonder what disease it was…

“Anyway, that cool kid from before…um, who was it again~? I feel like I’ve been him before somewhere.”

The person Hoshinomiya passed by just before could only be Ishigami-kun.

“It was Ishigami from first-year Class A.”

Before I could answer, Kanzaki-kun, who was stood next to her, responded.

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“Eh? First-year? That’s…well for a second or third-year, it's only natural that you’d know, but…”

For some reason, Hoshinomiya-sensei tilted her head curiously.

“Is something wrong? Do you have thoughts regarding him?” I asked, hoping to get any clues, no matter what they could be.

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“Yeah, I think I saw him at school once a while ago, but…maybe I saw wrong. Sorry, Horikita-san, but I don’t think I can do this!”

With her feet wobbling, Hoshinomiya-sensei ran out and headed for the deck. I followed her, wondering what was going on.

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“Agh, ugghh, eek!”