Does the money become more and more don't do it?

Does the money become more and more don't do it?

Yesterday, the Japanese National Team won and it felt good, so let’s go to the next chapter.


Before the tournament, Tre’ainar told me something.

『Child. That one named José .... he... is partaking in a certain medication that has been contraindicated since ancient times.』

It was a few days before the tournament, as I was aching to test my growth.

『Just by taking the concoction, the number of magic holes increases, muscles and magic capacity are elevated, brain functions are clearer and concentration improves... in a manner of speaking, tis a potion that raises one’s levels simply by ingesting it. Tis likely Jamdi’el’s doing.』

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When I heard about it, I wondered if such a convenient thing really existed, and at the same time I wondered why Mr. Machio and the others would be training normally.

No, if such a thing existed, the Demon King Army wouldn’t have been defeated in the past war.

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However, the reason was simple.

『Naturally, there are risks. An overdose may cause abnormalities to occur in the body. In the worst case, you may die. Even if your life is spared, you will have to live with visual impairment, nervous and blood circulation disorders, hearing loss, auditory hallucinations, brain cell destruction, lack of reason, general pain, and various other side effects for the remainder of your days.』

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Sure enough, there was that much risk.

That’s why it was forbidden.

『Well, that man, José, his case is quite severe. He is young now and still looks healthy, but from what I can tell, he is already experiencing side effects in his daily life. His cells are already worn out. The prosperity of his descendants will no longer be possible.』

The remark struck me as a shock.

So, that José looked so bad, he’s pretty battered up already?

Why did he do that?

By any chance, did Jamdi’el do something to him? Is he being deceived?

Then there’s the temper tantrums...

『The effects of the potion make one easily lose their temper, such as sudden fits of rage in the middle of a conversation and destroying walls and the ground.』