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"However, you are no match for me".

After looking at that, Kouenji did not even try to get up from the bathtub.

"Oi, oi. You aren't scared, are you Kouenji? Are you just for show, now hiding in that bathtub?".

Ishizaki also tried egging him on.

"I'm not so foolish as to point my blade at someone who's no match for me".

"Heh. Then we'll break your spirit until there's nothing left to show of it. Right, Albert!?".

The foreign representative, the man known as Albert, also moved to stand next to Katsuragi.

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And when he did, a phenomenon occurred where even Katsuragi's seemed small in comparison.

Seeing that, for the first time, a dramatic change in Kouenji's expression occurred.

Pan! He claps his hands.

"I see, I see. As expected of the world's representative, it looks like you aren't all talk after all".

"Do you get it know, Kouenji? How much of a clown you've been, I mean".

"Enough is enough for me".