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After a lengthy period of preparation, the day of the first years’ final special exam had finally arrived.

As per the rules, the commanders of the losing classes would be expelled from the school. However, this time, they would be stripped of their protection point instead.

The two commanders in charge of the defeated classes would lose the protection point that they had earned during the provisional exam.

While there wouldn’t be any expulsions, it was important to keep in mind that the Class Points would probably fluctuate dramatically.

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Depending on the outcome of the exam, there was a good chance that the standings of each class would be affected.

“Today, I want you to forget about all the notes and pointers I’ve given you.”

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As I waited for morning homeroom to begin, Horikita spoke up from her seat beside me.

“Choose whichever five events you want, and then pick whoever you want to participate in them.”

“If I take charge and mess up your plans, wouldn’t the rest of the class be unable to adapt to it?”

“I never told anyone which events I’d be choosing or which events they’d be participating in. I simply said that I’d be making those decisions pragmatically depending on the situation, so that shouldn’t be a problem.”

In other words, she had thoroughly set the stage for me to compete without running into any issues.

“Don’t blame me if something goes wrong.”