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(No. In this state where I have not deployed darkness, I am being slightly pushed back.)

This man is not your average swordsman, after all.

「Bararara! Interesting! How interesting, kid! To compete with my herculean strength with that thin body!」

He laughed heartily and unleashed storm-like consecutive attacks.


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I dodged, parried, and defended and somehow prevented all the slashes by a hair’s breadth.

(These are just normal slashes, but… there is tremendous power behind each of them.)

My sword was about to be broken just by defending it.

「What’s the matter? You can’t fight back if you just stick to defending!」

He took a big step forward for a follow-up attack.

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I matched him and stepped in forward.

「I know that even if you don’t tell me! First Sword – Flying Shadow!」

I unleashed a counter at almost zero distance.

「Hou, you use some strange techniques!」

But, he clutched it with his left arm and crushed it from the front.

(What the!?)

The power of the flying shadow is certainly modest, and is mainly used as a “feint” or a “counter” like I just did, but…