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The rent for both of those places was significantly lower than luxurious apartments in other parts of the city. Clearly, they were not as popular. In fact, each building was unpopular for different reasons.

Pei Qian was overjoyed. Little Sun was quite dependable!

At 2 PM, Pei Qian and Liang Qingfan arrived at Shundong Gardens Residential-Commercial Building first.

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The sales consultant was quite passionate, but Pei Qian politely asked him to wait at the entrance.

I have a professional architect with me; why would I need to listen to your lies?

The entire residential-commercial building had eleven stories in total, excluding the commercial first floor. Each story had two lifts and seven apartments, which were 5.5 meters high and 38.5 square meters big. Each square meter cost seven thousand yuan, and so each apartment cost 270 thousand yuan. That meant the entire building would cost more than twenty million yuan. Once Liang Qingfan saw the room configurations, he immediately understood. “Boss Pei, you want to buy a residential-commercial building?”

Pei Qian nodded. “That’s right.”

Liang Qingfan didn’t say anything more. Since Boss Pei was sure that he wanted to buy a residential-commercial building, he would be familiar with its flaws.

Of course, Pei Qian was familiar with its flaws. However, those formed the reasons why he wanted to buy a residential-commercial building in the first place.

Compared to ordinary residential buildings, he could only hold ownership of residential-commercial buildings for shorter periods. He would also have to pay for utilities, electricity, property management, and carpentry according to commercial standards. That meant living expenses would be higher.

On the whole, there would be high living density in the area, too. The apartments would be small and wouldn’t face north or south. It wouldn’t be as comfortable.

Pei Qian considered this: although residential-commercial buildings were generally thirty to forty percent cheaper than residential buildings, they had the poor potential to appreciate, higher living expenses, and shorter ownership periods.