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Understanding the situation, Sakayanagi gave the order to withdraw.

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At once, the already noisy classroom became even more excited.

Class A had been successfully driven back.

(Part 8 End)

Haruka excitedly greeted us as we returned to our own classroom.

“Hey, how’s Class B? It looks like a lot went down.”

“It went in an unexpected direction. Ichinose managed to repel Sakayanagi.”

Akito gave a straightforward account of what had happened.

The truth behind the rumors about Ichinose and the details about the ban the school had placed on spreading rumors moving forward.

“There should be an official warning during class this afternoon.”

“Shoplifting huh? It’s surprising to say the least, but I guess I can accept that. If there’s a past mistake floating around that you don’t want to face, it’s only natural that you would take some time off school like she did.”

Haruka, now fully informed on the specifics of the situation, spoke words of support for Ichinose.

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“In any case, the whole ordeal is over with this. We can put all these rumors aside and concentrate on the exam.”

“Isn’t that great Kiyopon?”