How to make money online using the method of WeChat

How to make money online using the method of WeChat

But my father laughed.

“I don’t know... I’d like to guide you, but I’m too busy with work. So, diligently follow your training instructor or Sadiz. Besides, you can’t use [That Sword] yet. So, we’ll see.”

Again, it’s the same as always.

“Well, you’re the type to grow slowly. Take your time and do your best.”

I’m my father’s son. Yet, I have never been taught swords, magic, etc. by my father.

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I am compared to my father even though he has never passed on his skills and teachings to me.

And to top it all off, when he was my age, he was inferior to me as a student, but I’m the one being looked down on.


“Tch... I...... presently..... aren’t I working hard enough?”

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“Type that grows slowly......? Such an unreliable thing to say.”

It’s annoying. That’s why I want to shout like a kid.

“Why... Why am I a disappointment? I’m content! I’m second place in the Academy ranking! Isn’t that great!? Praise my efforts a little instead of consoling me! Were you ever in second place? Yet you’re disappointed? Second place isn’t good enough for you? Why do I have to be in first place?”