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There were not that many professionals in Jingzhou. That was why Lin Wan sent people to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and other first-tier cities to poach people. That was how she managed to gather her current team.

Many of them had not been willing to change cities at first, but Slow Movement Studio had offered them very high remuneration and given them a lot of subsidies. In addition, Tengda Corporation had been operating for the past few years, making Jingzhou a sacred place in the hearts of many working people. That was why they had been able to successfully poach them.

Pei Qian scanned the office. “If I have to pick an area to improve on... I think everyone is eating too few snacks.

Lin Wan was stunned. “Huh?”

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Pei Qian explained, “In Tengda, every employee consumes about 3.2 packs of snacks every day. The coffee and drinks are calculated separately. Basically, they don’t stop working until they get off work. This is under the premise that many employees decide to lose weight and have some control.”

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“However, Slow Movement Studio is still very far from this value. You have to work harder.”

“The amount of snacks you eat can tell how much the employees are invested in their work. If you eat a lot of snacks, it means that the employees are working hard and thinking hard. It consumes a lot of energy so you need to eat a lot of snacks as supplements.”

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“Therefore, you have to work harder in this aspect!”

Lin Wan looked surprised.

Eating too few snacks?

Was this a problem that needed improvement?

Or could it be that... there was a deeper meaning behind this?