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Online walking dog makes money really fake

“No, it’s not! Tora, who do think I am!?”


“That’s a shocking answer! Eh, bait? Why am I a bait?”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m meaning it positively.”

“What do you mean positively!? If you’re saying a good bait, that just makes me even more uncomfortable!”

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“But I didn’t expect this, Jiraiya. You actually have friends…”

“It’s not unexpected. Please don’t say that…”

“Ah, sorry, then I’ll use the correct words.”


“Jiraiya at least has several people that he acknowledges as friends.”

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“Hey, why do I feel there’s more room for explanations.”

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“That’s great, Jiraiya. Congrats, congrats, congrats.”

“Stop it! Don’t encourage me to imagine a happy ending in my mind!”

“Well, the bots battle is over. Let’s go for another round, okay?”

“My mental state is too terrible!”

Anyway, we still started a new round. The two of us destroyed the bricks successfully, and we gradually acquired items.

So, in the 3rd round, …we finally managed to fight each other.