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“There was something out of sorts about the way you were talking when you changed your first-person pronoun. It’s nothing more than a form of self-deception.”

She was just using the pronoun『Boku』as a trigger of sorts to make herself into a more aggressive person.


“You want to believe that Matsuo’s personality resides within you… No, I’ll bet that deep down, even you don’t believe that.”

She was desperately trying to embrace the guise of self-deception, but couldn’t.


Unable to listen to my words for even a second longer, Nanase cried out and threw herself at me.

The speed and sharpness she had displayed earlier was now nowhere to be seen. It had gotten to the point where I’d probably be able to avoid her with my eyes shut.

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“It’s time to give up Nanase. You can’t beat me.”

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“Yes『I』can!『I』have to!”

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She extended her left arm and grabbed hold of the collar of my jersey.

And then, having decided that this was the chance she had been waiting for, she raised her right fist and swung at me in a wide, dramatic arch.

I was an easy target, wide open. And usually, there was probably no way that someone would be able to dodge from my position.

But, despite my movements being limited by her stranglehold on my collar, I deftly avoided the punch as it came barreling straight at my face.


Another punch was sent flying toward me immediately afterward, yet I dodged it just the same as the first.

“Why!? Why can’t『I』land a hit!?!? Why is this happening!?!?”

A third, fourth, and fifth punch came flying, but try as she might, every attempt ended up with the same result.

Fed up with the fact that her punches weren’t landing, she forcefully reached out to try and grab me by the hair.