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Chiaki suddenly stopped retorting in the middle of my sentence and plopped her head down. I was a bit puzzled. In the end, …she mumbled with a super quiet voice with her ears flared up.

“T-Thank…you. …T-Tsucchi…”

“Eh? Ah, hmm, yes, …y-you’re welcome…”

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During this time, I finally realized that…I was praising Chiaki in front of her. So, the embarrassment hits me, and I lowered my head like her.

…Then, as if we’re trying to escape from something, we started snooping the spaghetti at the same time. The lunch is surprisingly fast.

We finished our meals at the exact same time after we stopped talking. So, we enjoyed the drinks that came with the set as we managed to begin a new conversation again.

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“W-Well, Chiaki, I feel like we were just talking about gaming. …Uh, what should we do next?”

“R-Right. …Hmm, what should we do? Want to see a movie?”

“You have any on your mind?”

“Nope. Doesn’t it sound like a date when you have to see a movie that you aren’t interested in?”

“It does sound like a date, …but do you really want to do that?”

“…I’m sorry. I lied to my heart a little bit just then. No, I’m not spending 2 hours on those awful romantic movies.”

“I guess so. You dislike ‘moe’ things at the start, so it’s just going to be a torture for you.”

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“Yeah, yeah. It’s more like, and I’m confused about this one, what’s the point to watch other people getting in love?”