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OB in the competition was a very professional job. The staff in charge of OB had to have a very high understanding of the game. They had to be able to see the various details that were happening in the competition and display them. Only then would the commentator be able to notice some details that the audience could not.

What’s more, the person in charge of OB had to have a certain level of skill and technique. He had to divide the screen, move around on the screen, display more perspectives, and so on. Only an experienced person could be qualified.

Only by displaying all these details could the audience obtain the best viewing experience.

If he wanted to save time, he could only ask for a muted version of the official OB, and use two commentators for Bunny Tail live-stream. However, if he wanted to differentiate it, he could request to enter the official competition room directly to watch the competition and freely OB.

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The latter might be more troublesome than the former, but he had given Zhao Xuming face this time. As long as he raised it, Zhao Xuming would definitely agree.

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Chen Yufeng considered it for a moment. “Since we’re going to do it, we have to do it to the best of our abilities.”

“We might as well take care of everything from OB to commentary to post-match analysis.”

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“Hmm... this way, I’ll have to ask for someone from the E-Sports Department. As for the commentator, FV Club might have a suitable candidate.”

Tengda’s E-Sports Industry Department was filled with talents. The GPL league had been held for so long and could be considered to have accumulated a lot of experience. It should not be a problem to get two professional OBs and a few staff members.

He would definitely have to find someone who had a deep understanding of IOI to do the commentating. The first team of FV Club had to compete, but it was not a bad idea to find two older, weaker, and eloquent commentators from Team Two or the coaches.

Apart from professional players analyzing the competition, he also had to find a professional field control from the GPL to guide the conversation between the two professional players so that it would not deviate.

Chen Yufeng made up his mind and decided to look for Zhang Yuan tomorrow. He wanted a few reliable people to be in charge of the unofficial commentary of ICL league. He would make a trip to FV Club this weekend to see if there were any good seedlings in Team Two who could be commentators.

Tomorrow would be Friday. There would be no focal battle. However, there would also be a highlight of ICL league on Saturday and Sunday. Chen Yufeng’s goal was to arrange the unofficial commentary of ICL league before Sunday as much as possible. He wanted to release the unofficial commentary on Sunday’s focal battle to test waters.

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Pei Qian went back into his room, feeling like he had made a huge, historical step forward. On a certain level, he had broken Old Pei’s stereotypes slightly! Pei Qian knew that if he outrightly laid his cards on the table for Old Pei to see, it would be much more difficult.

However, now that he could use Director Zhu as his mouthpiece, he looked like an objective third party in the equation. That was how he could sound more convincing to Old Pei!

Indeed, Old Pei obviously agreed with these views.