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“Are you really just going to accept this!?”

“It’s fine, Yahiko.”

Even though Totsuka opposed Sakayanagi until the very end, Katsuragi didn’t even try to speak up for himself.

“The contract I signed with Class D is still in effect. As a result, Class A has been needlessly sending private points to Ryūen every month. I’m simply taking responsibility.”

“B-but we got class points because of that, didn’t we!? It wasn’t a complete waste! Besides, since Class D has to expel someone as well, they might end up choosing to expel Ryūen! If that happens, the contract will be annulled even if we don’t expel Katsuragi-san!”

Totsuka frantically pieced together an argument.

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“Don’t go thinking that you can do anything you want just because you’re the class’s leader!”

“Totsuka, that’s enough.”

Totsuka was the only one getting heated, so Katsuragi reined him in for a second time.

His tone, much stronger than before.

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Katsuragi strove to maintain his composure, even though he should’ve been more troubled than anyone.

Moved by his resolve, Totsuka hung his head and returned to his seat.

“I personally wouldn’t mind if he kept going, you know? It was an interesting speech.”

“It’s fine. I have no objections with the plan to expel me.”

“Is that so? Well then, let’s act in consideration of Katsuragi-kun’s wishes.”

After less than five minutes of discussion, Class A had reached a consensus.

The class then proceeded to pass its time as usual, as though the supplemental exam didn’t exist at all.