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“This school’s really the best! It’s even better than a city pool!” (T/N I guess it’s something like a pool club?”

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Ike, who came out wearing swimming trunks, shouted after seeing the 50 meter pool.

The water looked crystal-clear, and wasn’t disturbed because it was an indoor pool. What an excellent facility.

“Where are the girls? Are they not here yet?”

Ike looked for the girls, sniffing the air like a dog.

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“They take a while to change after all.”

“Hey, what would happen if I suddenly jumped into the girl’s locker room?”

“They’d beat you up and file charges against you.”

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“… Don’t ruin my fantasies with such a real answer.”

He was shivering at that reply.

“If you stare at the girl’s swimsuits too much, they’ll probably hate you.”

“Are there any boys that wouldn’t stare!? … What will I do if I get a boner…”

If that happened, Ike would probably be hated until we graduate.

Wait, what? I’m somehow naturally talking to Ike and his group.