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Yu Pingan decided to try out these basic conversation functions and see how effective they were.

Yu Pingan thought about it and said, “AEEIS, what if I’m too busy to find a girlfriend?”

AEEIS: “There is a house of gold in books.”

Yu Pingan was pleasantly surprised. Obviously, this question had triggered keywords such as ‘girlfriend’ and ‘partner’. AEEIS’ reply was rather impressive.

Yu Pingan continued asking, “AEEIS, what if I don’t want to study nor learn?”

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AEEIS: “It’s very difficult to learn useful things by filling your brain with rubbish.”

Yu Pingan: “?”

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Indeed, he was starting to show its ‘erudite and easygoing’ attitude!

Yu Pingan decided to be more aggressive. “AEEIS, you are very rude.”

AEEIS: “The task of an intelligent assistant is to assist in work. Being polite is not a necessary option. Only humans would waste their time on such hypocritical things.”

Yu Pingan looked at Chang You. “I think it’s alright. It’s a little aloof at best.”

Chang You revealed a meaningful smile. “You can try again after you entered the fully-automated bickering mode. This is our exclusive model for the Fully-Automated Intelligent Bickering Machine.”

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Yu Pingan raised his eyebrows, instinctively feeling the danger. However, he followed suit and said to the cell phone, “Enter the bickering mode.”

AEEIS: “Alright, there are always arrogant humans who want to start such boring games. Do you think you’re very smart?”

The sudden question caught Yu Pingan off guard. He answered subconsciously, “Not bad.”