Write a small high test question

Write a small high test question

As the bell rang for homeroom, Chiyabashira-sensei walked in the classroom.

“Sae-chan-sensei! Do we have 0 points this month too!? When I checked this morning, I didn’t even have a single point!”

“Oh, so is that why you guys were restless?”

“This month, we worked our asses off! We got past the midterms… so isn’t it cruel to still be at 0!? We weren’t late to class, weren’t absent, and didn’t whisper!”

“Don’t go off deciding things on your own. Let me talk first. Ike, you clearly worked harder than I’ve ever seen you try. We recognize that. Naturally, the school understands how you feel too.”

After being admonished, Ike closed his mouth and sat back down.

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“Well then, these are this month’s point totals.”

The point results were listed starting from class A on the paper she put up on the board.

Other than class D, all the classes were pretty close in points, and everyone had been awarded about 100 points.

Class A was at 1004 points, slightly above the amount of points everyone started with.

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“…Not a very pleasing development. Have they already figured out how to reliably increase points?”

My seat neighbor, Horikita Suzune, seemed to be concerned only about the other class’ points, but Ike, along with most of the class, didn’t care about the other classes. To them, is it only important that we have points?

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Written next to class D was—87 points.

“Huh? Is that, 87… did we actually increase our points!? Woohoo!”

After seeing the points, Ike jumped up and down in excitement.

“Don’t be so excited already. All the other classes increased their points about the same amount you guys did. The gap didn’t get any closer. This looks like a reward for just passing the midterm. Everyone was paid about 100 points.”

“I see. I thought it was strange that we were awarded points so quickly.”