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“Forming a team now to play real-time strategy games would be akin to being a eunuch for 12 years, isn’t it?”

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Pei Qian became more solemn. It seemed like Zhang Yuan’s analysis of the current environment was quite accurate.

Zhang Yuan continued. “Therefore, I had been thinking that I should find a new project with good prospects. I looked around and found that GOG is a good candidate.

“It just so happened that GOG was having a leveling activity. I followed the ladder and contacted the players one by one, thinking I can poach a few people to join the club. “In the end, I contacted a few of them, but I was rejected by all of them.

“I was late to some of them who had already signed on to other clubs. However, some had not signed with any clubs. They were purely uninterested in the terms I offered.

“I thought about the offer I was giving. I’ve arranged for five social insurance and one housing fund, a high basic salary, and a good bonus. The offer is better than most clubs in China so why am I being turned down?

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“Finally, someone told me-apart from the truth-everyone had a career in an investment firm.

“I felt something amiss. I inquired and lo and behold, they are all in Dream Realization Ventures!

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“Therefore, I decided to come over.

“Then Boss Ma was very interested in the affairs of this club and chatted with me for a long while. He even got me to play with them so... it became what you saw.”

Pei Qian could not help but have question marks floated around his head after listening to what Zhang Yuan had to say.

The entire process was too bizarre. Pei Qian did not manage to react to it.

“Boss Pei, Boss Zhang is telling the truth. However, we accidentally obtained the bonus from the Great Master through some casual play. We did not deliberately do this!”

Pei Qian understood now.

GOG created an in-game ranking system for giving out coin rewards. Kill the Great Master, and one would be able to get money. It made players participate with vigor.