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“Ah, yes, sure.”

So, as they are preparing to leave the room together, …as if she calculated that Aguri-san and I will feel relieved here, Main-san left down another word.

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“Alright, …well, next time, I’ll be asking for Amako’s rights to his lips.”


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I guess it’s because our spines turned stiff as we freaked out. Main-san hummed a song in satisfaction as she closed the door.

After the Fushiguro sisters got in another room, both of us sighed loudly.

We’re free from the anxiety. Both of us lost all strength and leaned our entire bodies on the back of the chair.

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I looked at the ceiling and talked to the gal next to me.

“Aguri-san, …I think I can understand why you invited me as a boyfriend to your house after all that. There’s a reason why you don’t want to find Uehara-kun..”

“Ah, at least you understand. Amanocchi, …I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. …If I’m you and there’s a male cousin version of Main-san, …well, I don’t think I can introduce Tendou-san to him.”

I’m getting chills from imagining it. This means that there will be a handsome and capable guy in a flight attendant suit. “You belong to me!” He’s going to say that to Tendou-san. …That’s scary! Of course, Aguri-san won’t dare to find Uehara-kun!

However, …even though I understand, even so…