Do you make a video on the art?

Do you make a video on the art?

How efficient!

Pei Qian took his own laptop, logged onto Potato Web, and went to the ‘Comedies’ section.

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It was really under the recommendations! It was not the most eye-catching show, but it was not bad.

Before this, Zhu Xiaoce said that he had a senior who worked at Potato Web and that he could get the show under the list of recommendations. He really did what he said he would!

Of course, this probably did not come for free. He most likely paid an advertising fee.

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Pei Qian clicked on it, and his heart immediately fell.

The video was only uploaded the day before, but it had already reached two hundred thousand views!

This was a new account at that!

Pei Qian glanced at the comments below.

How lively!

After a cursory scan, he found that the entertaining netizens were particularly lively. There were already tens of pages of comments alone!

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Finished. What he feared had come true!

Pei Qian tried to stabilize his own emotions so that his parents would not notice that something was wrong with him. Then, he acted nonchalant as he handed the laptop over. “This is it.”

His parents placed the laptop on the coffee table and leaned over it at once.

“Boss Pei’s Daily Life?” Old Pei looked at Pei Qian suspiciously.

“Hehe, that’s the name of the series of short videos. I act as the company boss in these shows,” Pei Qian explained.

The video then started.