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Pei Qian’s real motive was quite simple. He wanted to create an illusion that the branch at Ming Yun Villas and the surrounding region were going to become extremely popular. Then, more people would want to invest in this area.

If more internet cafes, restaurants, and coffee shops opened in the area; wouldn’t there be fewer people visiting Fish-Catching Internet Cafe?

Ming Yun Villas had been making a steady loss because there were few customers in the vicinity. Ming Yun Villas’ occupancy was low, and there weren’t many students in Handong Jiaotong University’s East Campus. What’s more, the cafe was far from the latter.

It was already so miserable. If more shops opened in the area, fewer customers would visit Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. Then, they would be doing even more miserably!

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As for who the unlucky b*stard was…

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All Pei Qian could say was that he willingly took the bait. In the first place, he harbored ill intentions and wanted to buy insider information about Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. What’s more, he was not buying this information from Boss Pei. Boss Pei did not earn a single cent from this venture. Of course, Pei Qian had to note it down in his notebook and take revenge!

Pei Qian guessed that he would not see any reaction in the short-term. After all, it would take at least a month to set up shops in the area.

Thus, Pei Qian decided not to think about this for now. Instead, he busied himself with other things.

The preparations for Headwind Courier stations were almost complete. They had already locked down the locations for the various courier stations. They were mainly residential areas. They could not cover all of Jingzhou City, but they had covered a significant area.

Pei Qian had been busy with recruiting people, purchasing shelves, renovations, and the like recently. If all went well, Pei Qian would be able to observe the first Headwind Courier station in about a week.

Apart from this, there was something else: the high-end restaurant that Pei Qian had been thinking about earlier.

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Swan Lake Restaurant could no longer fulfill the requirements that Pei Qian’s team had. He had to spend a load of money on this and custom-make a restaurant.

During this period, Pei Qian considered the best location and set-up for this restaurant.

The problem of the location was enough to give Pei Qian a headache. At first, he wanted to choose a quiet commercial district to set up the restaurant. However, he felt that this would be inappropriate. This was because consumer review sites had already been created. The internet was also widespread. It would be very difficult for him to hide an extremely expensive restaurant like that for long.

Pei Qian also could not turn such a high-end restaurant into an internal canteen, which was only to be enjoyed by his employees. The System would not agree to it. The high-end restaurant had to be made available to all consumers in Jingzhou City.

Of course, ordinary consumers would not be able to afford it. However, if whales really wanted to visit the restaurant, Pei Qian could not chase them out forcefully.

Pei Qian had several options in Jingzhou City like Guangming District and Lincheng District. However, once the restaurant was discovered, all high-class people would turn into its customer base. After all, there was only one high-end restaurant in all of Jingzhou. People would not mind traveling a distance for a good meal every now and then.

Of course, he would not necessarily profit. However, he would definitely incur less loss.