What can pregnant mother learn to make money online?

What can pregnant mother learn to make money online?

How many flunkies would require one-on-one tutoring? How many top students would tutor these flunkies for that little amount of money?

The key feature of a pseudo-demand was that everyone found it interesting and useful at first, but it would be boring once the freshness passed.

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The reason why this project was so hot during its early stages was that investors were desperately burning money, and it gained false popularity.

Moreover, when Xude Education took over at a high price, a series of wrong operations only accelerated the failure of the ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ application.

When Pei Qian decided to buy back this project, Yu Pingan made a mistake by bundling ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ with Tengda’s other industries and developed functions such as video teaching and teaching materials to achieve its popularity.

However, at the very crux, the ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ application did not solve a key problem-that was its irreplaceability.

If it was only used as an educational software, then at least 40-50%!o(MISSING)f its current user base would shrink since a large number of users were young people. Its popularity was quickly losing steam now that the problem surfaced.

Pei Qian was delighted with his unexpected good fortune. He thought that Yu Pingan would report bad news, but it turned out to be a fantastic piece of good news!

Could it be that... I’m finally going to see the light at the end of the tunnel?

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I’m finally going to prove that the ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ project was a mistake all along! Could this project finally lose money for me?

Pei Qian nearly burst out laughing and celebrated! However, he could not make it so obvious, considering that Yu Pingan was still here. The corners of his mouth rose ever so slightly, almost out of control.

Yu Pingan did not understand.

What did Boss Pei’s expression mean?

Were the issues in my report something that he had expected in advance? He was feeling proud of his foresight?

Or was he laughing at my inability?

Boss Pei was kind; it was probably not the latter... “Boss Pei, what should I do? Can I have your advice please?” Yu Pingan panicked seeing how Boss Pei remained silent without saying anything Pei Qian: “...”

Sh*t, I was overwhelmed with happiness.

The question was... how should he reply to Yu Pingan? Give him some opposing advice?

No, who knew what the hell he would comprehend? He might bring it back to life.