It's true to chat online part-time accompaniment chat.

It's true to chat online part-time accompaniment chat.

Brother, we are having a private conversation. I won’t expose the contents of this conversation. You don’t have to be this nervous.

Hu Xiao was very uncertain, but his principle had always been ‘the customer is king’. He read the other party’s words carefully from beginning to end and tried hard to understand him.

“So you’re spending money to invite everyone to play the game and write a few comments.

“As for whether they are to be good or bad, you don’t have specific requests. We’re just supposed to write our first impression of the game, right?”

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Pei Qian answered, “That’s right.” Hu Xiao asked, “Which platform?”

“Everywhere, including the official platform, Aili Island, Weibo, forums, and the like. I’ll leave it to you,” replied Pei Qian.

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“Name your price.”

Since he could use the System Funds, Boss Pei immediately sounded much more generous.

I’m stingy with my own money, but I go all out with System Funds!

After two minutes, a reply came in.

“I’ll base the price on our premium reviewing standards: twenty yuan for every hundred comments. Of course, we will properly consider the contents of more popular Weibo posts before we post our own comments. That will make our comments look more realistic.

“On other platforms such as games channels on Aili Island, we’ll try our best to produce popular comments as well.