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“Well, I’ll dive like this? I haven’t done it before.” Ike made a swimming gesture, but it’s probably not easy to catch a fish by doing skin dive.

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“Even if it seems unreasonable to catch it with bare hands, capturing a fish is perfectly realistic.”

Said Hirata, pointing at an entry mentioned in the manual. There was a character of fishing rod, and it looked like several kinds are being lent separately as well.

“1 point for fishing rods using baits, 2 points for those with lures.”

That is to say, it didn’t seem surprisingly hard to recover a cost.

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Depending on the situation, it could become the most spectacular victory to secure an amount of food for 1 to 2 days with only one point. Even in a situation where we wouldn’t be able to catch any, it’s hardly a serious blow due to minimal expenditure.

Without hearing any objections, Ike said happily: “It’s a deal, then. Let’s get a fishing rod and lure them in. Of course, with the cheaper one.“

With this, we decided our goals to be supplying food from forest and ensuring fishes starting from tomorrow. If we succeed in catching fishes or obtaining vegetables, we would decide via discussion on purchasing a set of cooking utensils with additional 5 points.

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Then we decided on paying 20 points for installing one shower room via discussion as well. Strong objections were expected, but with a high possibility of ruining our health with cold water, granted that the boys will only use it in the middle of the night and all the girls give a positive response of wanting to drink river water, we convinced the opposition faction into approval.

“By the way… That girl, Ibuki from C class, right? I saw her before.” A female student named Satou was suspiciously watching Ibuki who was quietly sitting at a distance. She seemed to notice her before so there was no need for me to break the ice.

“Err, it looks like there were troubles in class…” Yamauchi explained a little hurriedly why she might have been isolated from classmates.

“I see, that’s a proper judgement. We can’t leave her.”

“But Hirata-kun… She could be a spy? There are rules applying to leaders…”

“Ah, is that so? … There is that kind of possibility…”

Yamauchi was confused with him having noticed it now. He wanted him to notice that in the first place, if possible.

“I’ll check that from now. Is that okay, Yamauchi-kun and Ayanokouji-kun?”

Hirata called out Ibuki and two other acquaintances and headed towards the place where Ibuki was. Did Hirata exclude Sakura due to his ikemen-like thoughtfulness? Sakura also seemed to be relieved for not being noticed.

“Is it a good time, Ibuki-san? I want to ask you some details.”