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「C-Calm down, that was Leia-sensei’s selfi-」

When I tried to solve the misunderstanding, a clapping sound loudly resounded as though hindering it.

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「Okay, if that’s the case, let’s go to the training ground at once!」

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Leia-sensei didn’t give me an opportunity to speak.

(Th-This woman…)

When I glared at Leia-sensei, she expressed the best smile so far and gave me a thumbs up.

What the hell is that? I want to smash it.

After that, the students of year 1 class A moved to the Underground Training Area.

Of course, to watch the mock battle between me and the trio.

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(To think I would come here two consecutive days straight…)

As I was sighing while thinking about that, one of the trio called out.

「Oi, Allen. For a self-taught like you who graduated from a nameless third-rate academy, I alone am more than enough.」

He pulled out his sword and pointed his chin at me.

He seemed to be saying「You hurry and draw your sword too」.

(Well… whatever)

The sooner this ends, the better.