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“This...” Ding Gan opened his mouth, but he could not think of a more convincing reply. He could only leave in embarrassment.

The more Ding Gan thought about it, the angrier he became on the way back to SUG’s club lounge.

He could not help but want to speak to the boss of FV Club, Wu Yue, but he held himself back in the end.

It made no sense to argue over such things.

He could only hope that the members of the SUG would be able to do their best and secure a spot in this world competition!

In the afternoon, Pei Qian took the subway to IOI’s competition venue after leaving Shanghai’s high speed rail station.

Pei Qian decisively chose the latter between the opening ceremony of GPL league and IOI qualifiers.

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The reason was very simple. It was probably the same whether he watched the GPL league or not. The popularity would definitely not be low. Pei Qian wanted to see the situation of the IOI qualifiers. It would be best if he could confirm that FV Club would be eliminated. Then, he could watch the GPL competition in peace.

The qualification competition for IOI was held in a studio on the top floor of a shopping mall in Shanghai. The location was very good even though it was not very big and could only accommodate 600 viewers.

It was only a few subway stations away from the Shanghai high speed rail station.

The qualifiers had already begun in the morning. Pei Qian had watched a few competitions on the high-speed rail. However, he had not played IOI much and did not know much about the heroes and their skills here. He thus found it boring. He could only roughly tell that there was a gap in the strength of these teams.

The competition schedule was rather strange. There were a total of eight teams that were divided into two groups. Four teams would be selected in the morning and in the afternoon. Then, one team would be eliminated through the ‘best-of-five’ knockout rounds tomorrow.

FV Club’s competition was in the afternoon. They were in the same group as the veteran club, SUG.

The entire competition schedule was very packed. Thus, to Pei Qian, the best outcome would be for FV Club to be eliminated this afternoon. Then, he could relax.

If they were lucky and entered the elimination round, Pei Qian would book a hotel nearby and leave after watching the elimination round tomorrow.

Of course, Pei Qian felt that the possibility of that happening was negligible.

Considering that there were many young people in Shanghai, Pei Qian decided to put on a black mask in order to keep a low profile.