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(…It’s not just here that the fighting is going on.)

Even now, there is a lot of blood flowing in Thousand Blade Academy.

The longer I take to destroy the barrier, the greater the damage will be.

If I make the tactical decision, as Ria and Rose say, I should prioritize the destruction of the barrier.

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「…Understood. As we’ve talked about before, Dodriel enters the『Shadow World』! Even though it is two-on-one, be on your guard!」

「Yeah, I know!」

「Fuu, don’t worry too much…」

「I’ll leave it to you!」

I entrusted it to them and started running towards the barrier.

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「E-Ehh!? Where are you going by leaving me alone?!!!」Dodriel shriek.

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「Your opponent is…」

「The two of us!」

The metallic sound of sword and sword colliding sounded.

(Ria, Rose… I’ll come back as soon as I destroy the barrier…)

Then I clad my leg with jet-black darkness and made a beeline towards the barrier.

After that, I arrived in front of the barrier without being intercepted by the Black Organization.

「…Is this it?」

I gently reached out to the thin, hemispherical, transparent membrane that wrapped Thousand Blade Academy.

It was kind of soft and hard at the same time. A strange feeling.