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(Now then, what should I do?)

Whether to go straight there, or to take a detour and go to the toilet on the second floor.

(Well, I suppose I don’t necessarily have to avoid her, do I?)

If she doesn’t want to run into someone, she wouldn’t do it in such an open corridor, right?

Thinking that, I went straight ahead and turned right at the corner.

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The president’s back was turned towards me, with a black receiver in her ear.

「Hmm… yes. Everything is okay over here. We’re having fun. And also, Allen-kun agreed to come. I guess we can call it a “small mercy”.」

She sighed a little as she messed with her beautiful black hair with her left hand.

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She seems to be on the phone with someone, but it doesn’t seem to be a very pleasant conversation.

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(Also, I think I heard my name if I’m not mistaken.)

I’m a little interested in what she’s talking about.

When I was wondering about that,

「–Okay. Good night, father.」

The president said, and quietly lowered the receiver.

「Good evening, president.」

I cleared my throat lightly and then called out after she finished her phone call.

「Ara, Allen-kun. What are you doing here?」