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The things he had done after taking office were very reliable! Now, Zhao Xuming had come to Wu Yue, obviously hoping to repair his relationship with FV Club. He wanted to use FV as the champion team’s influence on domestic players to publicize and attract a wave of players to IOI’s local server, which had very few players.

It had to be said that IOI’s local server was indeed the heartache of Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation. There were few players, their competitiveness level was not high. What’s more, their version was often behind foreign countries. Thus, many professional players, including FV Team, used accelerators and went to the foreign server to train with high delay.

It could have a good directional effect and inject some fresh blood into IOI’s local server this time if they were to customize the champion skin of the Chinese style for FV Club and organized the ICL league.

Of course, Pei Qian would support such behavior with both hands!

Pei Qian was not worried at all about the threat that IOI could pose to GOG. Instead, he hoped that IOI would be stronger so that he could burn more money.

At that thought, Pei Qian immediately said, “You have to cooperate fully with Long Yu Corporation’s requests! Make this champion’s skin beautiful, help them promote it, and do some live commerce. As for ICL’s publicity, you have to do your best to cooperate. The cooler it is, the more influential it is, the better!”

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Wu Yue: “Huh?”

He was stunned.

Wasn’t that funding the enemy?

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Wu Yue wasn’t sure. He said doubtfully, “Boss Pei, this would bring huge popularity to IOI and pose a threat to GOG!”

FV Club might be playing IOI but we are obviously on Boss Pei’s side. We can immediately transfer all our members to GOG as long as you give the order!”

Pei Qian was shocked. Transfer everyone to GOG?

Stop fooling around!

I don’t want DGE’s tragedy to repeat itself!

Pei Qian’s tone became serious. “Don’t guess blindly!”