Online leading profile

Online leading profile

October 5th…

In Beijing…

Qiao Liang sat in his rented apartment, feeling anxious and nervous.

He had been keeping a close eye on Repent and be Saved’s situation ever since it was released. However, the more he observed, the more anxious he became.

The comments on the game’s webpage were divided. Many people criticized it before understanding the true essence of the game.

Some UP Masters had uploaded introductory videos for the game, but most of them had not touched on its essence either. None of them even mentioned the game’s rich story or plot design.

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Most people were still thinking about whether they should refund the game or not or whether there was a mistake in the game’s system design or none. To Qiao Liang, these topics were meaningless!

Repent and be Saved was a piece of treasure. These people were staying at the entrance of the cave containing the treasure and discussing if the entrance was too narrow. It was foolish!

Each time he thought about how sincerely Boss Pei had treated him and the King Crab that Boss Pei had fed him, Qiao Liang felt the urgent need to help Boss Pei out.

However, while he had an accurate answer in his hands, he could not display it to the world just yet.

This was because Qiao Liang had already promised Boss Pei that he would only publish a video about the game a week after its release. Within this one week, Qiao Liang could not leak the plot. He had to allow other gamers to enjoy the full, unique gaming experience without any interference whatsoever.

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Thus, Qiao Liang had to turn his pain into motivation and continue working hard at reaching alternative endings in Repent and be Saved. He had to accumulate sufficient material for his next video.

The correct battle strategy for the game had already become clear to Qiao Liang who had unlocked multiple endings. Now, he had to focus on the game’s plot.

After all, the plot and worldview were arguably important parts of any game; and Repent and be Saved was obviously rich in these aspects.

After playing the game for some time, Qiao Liang opened a document and began to write a plan for his video.

“If you are observant enough, you would realize that the beasts that appear in the video also appear in the official game flow. What’s more, they would change.