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「M-More importantly…! What are you doing here!?」Ria asked.

Perhaps even Rose had a date with Allen in secret – Ria misunderstood, and questioned her fiercely.

「Even if you ask me『what』… I’m just here to eat the ice cream that’s popular now.」

Saying that, Rose pointed to the ice cream shop with a small castle-like appearance.

「I-I see… Then it’s fine.」

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At least she is not an enemy.

With that confirmation, Ria heaved a sigh of relief.

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「And I could ask the same, why are you hiding from sight, Ria?」

This time, Rose asked a straight question.

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「…Look at that.」

In the direction that Ria pointed.

「Allen and… president!?」

There was the scene of Allen and Sie who were talking in a friendly manner.

「I-Is that… a date!?」