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This whole week of studying would become wasted time.

It was ten minutes before the end of lunch. All of the members in the study group packed up and headed towards the staff room. In any case, we can’t proceed until we make sure we know what’s covered on the test.

“Sensei. We have something we want to confirm quickly.”

“That was quite an entrance. All the other teachers are surprised.”

“Sorry for intruding.”

“It’s ok, but we’re in the middle of something. Keep it short.”

She kept writing in her notebook, continuing her work.

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“Last week, when you told us what was covered on the test, did you make a mistake? A little while ago, class C students told us that their test was different.”

Without batting an eyebrow, Chiyabashira-sensei listened to Horikita. Then Sensei, who was listening in silence, suddenly stopped moving her pen.

“…The topics covered on the test were changed last Friday. Sorry, I forgot to tell you guys.”

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After writing down the new scope of the test on a piece of paper, she ripped the page and handed it to Horikita. The textbook pages on the paper were all material we had already covered, and Sudou and the others hadn’t learned the material.

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“Horikita, thanks to you, I noticed my mistake. Thanks to the rest of you too. Later then.”

“W-wait a bit, Sae-chan-sensei!? Isn’t this way too late?”