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Yingfeng team online make money

Naturally Rebal gives a faint sigh.

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But that’s fine.

“No, it’s okay.”

“...... What?”

“I’m using my fists. That’s why.”

“...... Eh!?”

Left arm lowered slightly, hold the stance in the half-body posture and raise the right fist a little. [1]

And, bounce in proper rhythm with the toe rather than the soles of the feet.

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『Ho, you mean to commence from the ‘Great Demon Flicker’? But...... Will you not reveal the Breakthrough? 』

Tre’ainar’s words resound beside me. But here...

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「Of course... But first I want to try it out... the sensation and sharpness of the movements...... more than anything else...」

『More than anything else?』