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“Okay. But, are you sure, Amako?”

“Hmm? What do you mean?”

The selection is finished, and the screen is finally turned to the battle phase. The TV is playing the introduction of the course. Main-san showed me a provocative smile.

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“If we’re going with the default mecha and course, …our skill difference will be revealed entirely in the first battle?”

“…Oh, yes. Indeed, this is the worst option when the enemy’s better. There’s no counter between mechas, and the victory completely depends on the player’s control. In other words, this condition doesn’t allow a low-skilled player to win.”

The countdown started on the screen already.

“Oh, you’re still going despite knowing that. You’re quite manly, Amako.”

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Main-san whistled like she just changed her mind towards me.

“No, no, that’s not the case.” I smiled bitterly and answered her.

“I’m just-“

The countdown is over, and the match started-

“-I’m just better than you at this game.”

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-I flashed a lightspeed combo and chipped away 1/3 of Main-san’s HP.


It’s only been one second since the match started.

Main-san’s mecha fell to the ground and entered the invincibility period. At the same time, I immediately distanced myself away with an impressive jump and propel control.


Main-san licked her lips next to me as her aura slowly switched towards “beast” mode. …It looks like she was completely triggered.

At this moment, Aguri-san can’t hide her questions anymore behind me.