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“I’ve been with you guys for a while now, so I’m sure you must’ve guessed what this is.”

A new special exam is about to begin.

Even though everyone had that sentence in their throat, they still waited for Chabashira’s next words.

Apart from some students, most students had their eyes on Chabashira, and after a pause, Chabashira laughed lightly.

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“It’s true that we’ll be discussing the topic of the special exam after this, but to maintain the suspense for a bit longer, I’ll pick it up later. First, let’s talk about summer vacation.”

After saying that, Chabashira looked at her tablet, and then an image appeared on the monitor.

The first thing shown was a picture of a luxury cruise ship.

Our Class D had memories of a similar ship.

“Now I’ll explain to you what’ll happen in the summer vacation before it actually starts.”

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For a moment, the students looked at each other, as if they were trying to express their inner joy with sweet words.

However, the combination of a boat and a vacation also brought up a different memory deep inside everyone.

This school wouldn’t just feed us sweet things. As we thought back on this, the monitor switched from pictures from the exterior of the ship to the interior. The schedule was also shown.

“From August 4 to August 11, you can enjoy to your heart’s content your summer vacation on this luxury cruise for a total of eight days and seven nights. You can watch plays or pamper your taste buds. And there will not be anything like a special exam on the cruise.”

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In other words, we were being promised a real, genuine one-week vacation.

The strongly sceptical students eased up a bit.