Online regular multi-money part-time platform

Online regular multi-money part-time platform

It had only been two days.

These live-stream platforms were at their most intense battles. They had planted spies within each other. As long as one live-stream platform thought of a new function, the other live-stream platforms would follow immediately. They did not want to fall behind in this money-burning war and lose the initiative.

Vice-President Liu Liang of ZZ Live-Stream wanted to keep it a secret but how could this matter like this be kept a secret? Developing a function involved a large number of low-level staff. It was extremely easy for other live-stream platforms to spy on news.

Thus, this message circled around and returned to Chen Yufeng.

Pei Qian repeatedly confirmed with Chen Yufeng before finally understanding that this function was done by Bunny Tail Live-Stream first.

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What Chen Yufeng was struggling with now was how to deal with the other live-stream platforms copying the methods of Bunny Tail Live-Stream.

Pei Qian fell silent.

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Find an editing team for the streamers, specialize in the broadcasting and replay function of videos... Who came up with such a creative idea?

Wasn’t this nonsense?

The live-stream platforms in Pei Qian’s memory did have similar functions, but none of them were very effective. It was a waste of effort.

That was because live-streams and videos were ultimately two different forms of entertainment.

Videos were like proper meals. All sorts of nutritional combinations and even positioning had to be done well. The higher the information density, the higher the audience’s acceptance.

On the other hand, live-streams were more like snacks. Most people did not care about nutritional equilibrium as long as they did not stop talking. Live-streams were nothing more than dancing, playing games, and so on. The information density was very low. Most viewers wanted a sense of participation in interacting with the host in real time.

The difference between these two entertainment modes determined that it was very difficult to combine the two modes of video and live-stream. Once the live-stream lost its real-time attribute and became a video, its ‘low value’ attribute would be magnified rapidly and not many viewers would watch it.

That was because the audience watching the live-streams were there for the uncertainty. They would no longer be interested in the results that had been confirmed.

Even if he hired professionals to edit the video, the live-stream’s information density was too low which would not be changed even if it was edited into a video. Unless it was edited from tens of hours of live-stream material for an essence of about ten minutes. Otherwise, the effect would still not be very good.