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Instead, Lin Chang showed a face full of concern. “Why, did you meet some difficulties? Do you have anything that you need help with? Let Bro know, and I’ll do my best to help you!”

Lin Wan glanced at him. “Forget it, one of my projects is a horror game; the other is a cell phone. Which can you help me with?”

“These projects are still ongoing. There might be some progress, but I still don’t have much confidence in them.”

“The horror game does not have any problem with its general framework, but there are many small details that need to be modified. Moreover, even if these small details are done, it would be difficult to gauge if the players would accept this new type of horror game...

“So I’m a bit worried.

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“Fortunately, we have a very powerful artistic big boss who has been adjusting the game style and enriching the game details with us. It looked a lot better recently.

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“For the cell phone... sigh. To be honest, I really cannot do it.

“A horror game alone is enough of a headache so I did not have much time for the cell phone. The staff gave me a brick-like prototype the last time I visited. I felt it was a huge problem even then.

“The prototypes have been made even though I have not been involved in their development. It’s impossible to tell them to overthrow and start over.

“I can only wait until the cell phone is made and run to the other departments of Tengda to ask for a bit of welfare. That would be considered a contribution.

“Even so, I think this cell phone will be a flop.” Lin Wan’s relationship with Lin Chang had always been good. She did not think so much during the meeting and revealed everything – her confusion and distress—to him.

Lin Chang looked worried for Lin Wan on the surface, frowning deeply; but he was jumping for joy within.

Great Boss Pei, this plan is truly perfect! Ah Wan has yet to notice anything.

The blow to Ah Wan will definitely not be small if they were to maintain the current status with the horror games and the cell phone hitting the market together!

Lin Chang could not help to feel elastic when he thought of that. He then whispered, “It seems like I have to find a way to thank Boss

Lin Wan frowned. “Hm? What did you say? Why thank Boss Pei?”

Lin Chang was shocked. You heard my whispers?

“What I mean is that Boss Pei trusts you so much, giving you such an important responsibility. As an older brother, I will definitely have to find an opportunity to thank Boss Pei as well!” Lin Chang hurriedly explained, seeing a hint of suspicion from Lin Wan’s gaze.