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“Mufu! Amae’s older brother!”

She showed me a really carefree smile.

She rubbed her soft, puffy cheek against my face.

Such an angel.

“Ahhhhhh I’m glad! Amae. Following uncle, you have an older brother!”

“Big brother, you’re surprisingly kind.”

“Muh, I want Amae to call me ‘brother’ too!”

Elder sis Tsukshi seemed happy. Well, I guess I’m a little out of my element, but for the time being, I didn’t mind that.

『Oi, tis still only the first round of the tournament so far, should you be so nonchalant?』

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“Oh, Osu”

However, I guess my face looked a bit too relaxed. Tre’ainar came in to caution me.

Sure, I might have lost my focus.

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Let’s watch the match seriously ....

[Ooohh, he’s got the joints! It’s too much to bear, and Krouby taps out!]

“tte, it’s oveeeeer!!??”

Again, I ended up not seeing anything...

[No way, Krouby’s fist caught Juju’s face once, but Juju held on to take Krouby’s arm and lock in the submission! However, it was a close call. Look at the blue swelling on the right side of Juju’s face! What terrifying destructive force. And great work by Juju to withstand it! Oh uh, the two share a handshake praising the good fight! Please give a big round of applause!]

It’s over... I missed two fights in a row involving opponents I might face if I won.